District 97

District 97

Leslie Hunt, RoSfest 2011

Background information

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Progressive rock


Jonathan Schang
Leslie Hunt
Jim Tashjian
Andrew Lawrence
Tim Seisser

Past members
Rob Clearfield
Patrick Mulcahy
Sam Krahn

District 97 is an American progressive rock band formed in 2006 in Chicago.


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The first incarnation of the band, formed in Autumn 2006, consisted of Jonathan Schang (drums), Rob Clearfield (keyboards), Patrick Mulcahy (bass), and Sam Krahn (guitars). The band played instrumental rock until American Idol finalist Leslie Hunt joined as a vocalist. Cellist Katinka Kleijn joined next, and then Jim Tashjian, who replaced Krahn on guitar when the latter opted out.[1]
The band signed with Laser Edge Records in May 2010, and released their debut album Hybrid Child that same year.[1]
In 2012 District 97 published their second album Trouble With Machines; progressive veteran John Wetton (formerly in King Crimson, Asia, UK) contributed vocals to the album, and in 2013 toured Europe and the United States with the band. Performances from that tour (including covers of King Crimson songs) were published in the 2014 live album One More Red Night.
In 2015, District 97 published In Vaults.

Studio albums

Hybrid Child (2010)
Trouble with Machines (2012)
In Vaults (2015)

Live albums

Live at CalProg (2010)[2]
One More Red Night: Live In Chicago (2014) (With John Wetton)


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