Pyxidiophora Scientific classification Kingdom: Fungi Division: Ascomycota Class: Laboulbeniomycetes Order: Pyxidiophorales Family: Pyxidiophoraceae Genus: Pyxidiophora Bref. & Tavel 1891 Type species Pyxidiophora nyctalidis Bref. & Tavel (1891) Pyxidiophora is a genus of arthropod-associated fungi in the family Pyxidiophoraceae. It was […]


The derbfine (English pronunciation: /dɛrᵻˈviːnᵻ/, Irish: dearbhfhine Irish pronunciation: [dʲaɾˠəˈvˠiɲə]) was a term for patrilineal groups and power structures defined in the first written tracts in Early Irish law. Its principal purpose was as an institution of property inheritance, with property […]