How To Care For Your Moissanite and Diamond Rings

It will help if you keep a few things in mind to keep your moissanite and diamond rings looking their best. To begin, it is critical to clean your rings regularly. The following step is to keep them separate. A lined jewelry box can be used for this purpose. It is also recommended to remove your rings before engaging in any strenuous activity, such as manual labor or exercise.

Pre-Made Moissanite Cleaning Solutions

Pre-made moissanite cleaning solutions can help you maintain your moissanite ring and jewelry. These solutions contain ammonia, a natural but highly effective cleaner for moissanite. The solution should be applied to your moissanite jewelry with a soft brush and rinsed off under running water. Alternatively, you can clean the moissanite with a solution made from soap and water.

A pre-made moissanite cleaning solution can be prepared by mixing one part ammonia and one or two parts water. The solution can be applied to the stone’s surface and allowed to sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Rinsing is important, as you do not want soap or abrasive residue on your ring. Once the moissanite is clean, you can dry it with a soft cloth.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are becoming popular for cleaning diamond and moissanite rings. They can be quite inexpensive and provide a professional finish to your jewelry. However, they should only be used on professional-quality pieces. The process can cause damage to some diamonds, particularly if they are treated. They may crack during cleaning or lose their shine. Ultrasonic cleaners can also damage loose stones and weak prongs.

Keeping your diamond and moissanite rings clean can help maintain their sparkle and life. It is best to clean them at least once or twice a year. You can purchase an ultrasonic cleaner from a handy fix store or online. Make sure to purchase one that is CE-certified.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

It’s essential to avoid the use of harsh chemicals on your moissanite and diamond rings. Common cleaning products, fertilizers, and sunlight can damage the stones in your jewelry. You should also avoid wearing the ring while swimming or doing manual labor. These chemicals may corrode valuable metals within the ring, causing the stone to become discolored or even break.

When cleaning your moissanite or diamond ring, you can use a natural product like ammonia. You can dilute the solution with water and use a soft brush to clean the jewelry. Once the cleaning solution is done, rinse the jewelry under running water.

Keeping Them in a Safe Place

Keeping moissanite and diamond rings safe from scratches and dirt requires a certain level of care. Accidental knocks and bumps can dislodge your gemstone, and you may not notice until it’s too late. Bathing and showering with your jewelry on can also loosen the gemstone. To avoid these problems, remove your jewelry before you take a shower or bath. If you have moissanite engagement rings, they should be removed before you sleep.

The best place for your moissanite and diamond rings is a jewelry box lined with fabric. Ideally, the box will have enough trays for all your jewelry.

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