Want Cheap Shopping Abroad? Record this date

Everyone will love shopping, if you are one of them, make sure you read this article to finish yes. Here there are some important information some cheap shopping festival options abroad specialized for traveler shopper. Shopping when this festival takes place will be very profitable. In addition to helping you save more, items that can be selected also vary.

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# 1 Korean Grand Sale

As the name suggests, this shopping festival is held in the land of ginseng, Korea, specifically for foreign tourists and foreigners residing in Korea. There will be many stores in Seoul participating from cosmetics shops to tourist attractions and restaurants. Record the date each year. for travelers who want to visit korea, do not miss this special day.


# 2 Boxing Day

The next shopping festival is a festival held in the UK, some Australian states, and Canada. Each year, the festival only lasts one day ie December 26th. So many enthusiasts, even some existing stores that extend the promo period up to one week and usually called Boxing Week. That will definitely be a lot of promos for who shop at this event


# 3 The Great Singapore Sale

Festival of cheap shopping abroad which then there in Singapore. The festival usually runs from June to August. Long enough is not it? The sellers will be vying to give big discounts to the visitors up to 70{40cd8fc2a09e7964396c06f4a2a7d78cc7ffa5d07fe4bf099a61f75d82be0ff3} of the original price. One area that you can make the choice to shop is Orchard Road where many shops that sell items from famous designers.


# 4 Fukubukuro

 Fukubokuro or fortune bag is a designation for one of the famous shopping fairs in Japan. At the time of the festival, sellers will pack their goods in a shopping bag where buyers can not know the contents of the bag. One shopping bag usually contains clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, or foods depending on the type of goods that the store sells. What is interesting is the total price of goods in the shopping bag is worth 3x the price of fukuburo. So if you get something that suits your taste, you can say you are really lucky. This event takes place on the first day of the store open after the new year’s holiday. Are you interested in buying it?


# 5 Black Friday

Black Friday can be regarded as the most famous discount event compared to others. Black Friday became a shopping festival very eagerly awaited by the citizens of the United States because the stores give massive discounts to the buyers. The festival always takes place every Friday, 1 day after the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November. Thanksgiving is always celebrated every Thursday on the fourth week of November. That is the reason why Black Friday always fell on Friday. This festival is also often used by the public to buy their needs in welcoming the Christmas festivities.

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