5 Tips for Industrial Pump Maintenance

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Industrial pumps are vital to production industries everywhere, and keeping things in good working order can keep you from expensive repairs and costly downtime. Doing regular maintenance and checking on your systems can help you stop major trouble before it starts. This can help prevent a loss in efficiency, while also improving operating costs.

The following areas are things that should be evaluated each time a maintenance check is done. Pumping systems have a lot of moving parts and some have systems, so the inspection should be done methodically and carefully. Keeping a log of the condition of each and the dates when items were last replaced of cleaned also is helpful in knowing potential areas of concerns.

1. The gland packings need to be adjusted to maintain the proper concentric alignment of the gland follower. This is an area to be checked and adjusted as needed. The leakage is a specific amount, which keeps the unit from overheating.

2. Check the gasket and seals for leaks. Replacing these as needed helps help maintain pressure and fluid levels. A Busch oil filter provides high-quality defense in these areas, filtering through the debris and dirt that may erode the construction of the seals or gaskets.

3. Check for the dirt and dust in and around the motor. Thorough clean bearing housings, close clearances, and visible areas of grim from the motor casings. removed from areas around close clearances, bearing housings and motors.

4. Replace or refill all lubricant levels, especially bearing lubricant. Consult with the log to confirm run time hours on the lubricant to indicate the time for a change.

5. Check the bearings for vibrations or noise, making sure the operations are tight and controlled. Check the surface temperature to ensure satisfactory operation. Check for coupling alignment as well.

Maintenance routines are a proactive way to address more serious concerns about equipment failure. When your business is depending on the efficiency of your system, downtime can cost you more than just repair funds. It can eat away at your profits

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