Marilyn Monroe claimed in 1953 that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the times have changed. The truth is that not all women want a diamond in their engagement and wedding rings nyc or are choosing other options. 

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It’s hard to look at a glittering diamond and think that it might have come to you at the hands of an exploited worker. These sparklers have a sad history that not everyone might be aware of, which is why some couples are opting to forego the traditional wedding jewel entirely. However, there are choices if you still love the look of a diamond. 

  • Many jewelers are now sourcing their products from conflict-free, non-exploited environments to avoid supporting an illegal market. 
  • Lab-created diamonds are precisely what they sound like: Jewels created in a lab to speed up the hardening process. If you and your partner don’t have an issue with a diamond that didn’t come from a mine, this might be a good route for you.
  • Diamonds are beloved because of their hyper-clear, glimmering perfection. To achieve the same look for a quarter of the price, fit a clear topaz into the center of the ring instead.

Over the Rainbow

Brides these days are looking for a ring that fits their personality and is not something that everyone else has, which is why gemstones are becoming a hot trend in the bridal sector. It’s the best of both worlds for modern brides: Not only can they choose the setting of their dreams, but they can also include a beautiful jewel of their favorite color on the ring they will wear forever.

  • Morganites are peachy-pink jewels that have seen a surge in popularity in recent years thanks to their durability and lower price.
  • Sapphires come in every color you can imagine. They are slightly pricier than other alternatives but are typically better quality.

Your wedding set is something you will wear forever. Make it personal and unique to you and your partner’s relationship.

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