Congratulations Gifts for a New Job

When a friend or family member has landed a new job, congratulate him with a gift that shows how much you care. Whether it’s his first step into the professional world or a transition from one industry to another, consider a present that he will enjoy and use in his new endeavors.

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Shareable Treats

Help your friend get off to a great start with his colleagues. Offer gift baskets filled with treats that he can not only enjoy on his lunch break, but also share with co-workers. He’ll make friends quickly with a basket full of snacks such as cookies, candy bars, cheese and crackers, dried fruits, nuts and perhaps even a bottle of champagne that they can enjoy after hours.

Office Supplies

Your loved one undoubtedly hopes to succeed at his new job. Help him get a good start with a gift that he’ll use daily. Try a high-end pen and pencil set, a leather-bound planner if he likes to take handwritten notes or a desk clock. He may also appreciate a plant, tasteful print or picture frame that he can use to decorate his new office.

Fashionable Choices

If you’re loved one is a recent college graduate, he may not have many suitable outfits for the office. Present him with some neutral dress shirts, slacks, ties and socks that he can pair with existing clothes. If he’s headed to the corporate world, consider a briefcase, laptop case or even a high-end backpack. A tough-to-shop-for friend might also appreciate a gift card to a local department store where he can shop for himself.

Starting a new job may cause your loved one to feel anxious, even if he landed a coveted position with the company of his dreams. A gift will not only show your support, but also give him something to start his career off on the right foot.

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