Nice and Comfortable Tent for Camping

One of the items that must be taken when doing camp besides food is a tent. Because tents are a primary need when carrying out natural activities. This is based on reasons for security, as well as convenience.

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Although setting up tents sometimes requires expertise, but at least you don’t need to bother looking for shelter when adventuring in the wild. You can learn it first, because many manufacturers have provided guidance on assembling tents in their products.

Therefore, we present some nice and comfortable tents for camping along with prices and reviews. But before that, we will share knowledge about tents and how to care.

Get to know the types of tents

Before you buy a tent, it would be better if you know the types first. Therefore, a good tent is a tent that suits yourself and your character.

1. Dome Tent. Dome type tent is one of the types of tents that are most sought after by adventurers. This type of tent has two points connected by a line between one point and another. And form the corners of the dome tent.

Dome tent design is easy to be assembled or erected, with a midpoint high enough to give you more relief when inside. The curved shape can make rain fall and not pool in the top of the tent.

Some types of dome tents also have a front room before the entrance that can keep the room clean because you can put dirty tools in the room.

2. Peg or tent tents A. This type of tent is also a popular tent and has a simple design. As the name suggests, this tent is shaped like the letter A capital or peg. The material of this type of tent comes from canvas as well as steel as its support which makes the tent durable.

The main structure of tent A is the presence of two poles which form the main support of the tent. Also a rope that binds to every corner of the tent and sticks to the ground which makes the tent shaped like a capital A. Usually you can find this support pole between two poles in the middle of the tent. Which gives the tent a unique shape, resembling a peg.

3. double room tents. Double room tents are more similar to houses than traditional tents in general. This type of tent is designed to have more than one room for privacy. The two rooms in this tent are separate from the bulkhead.

Some of these tents have two rooms but there are also up to five rooms. Because the double room it has, this type of tent becomes very large and rather complicated when folding and caring for it.

Setting up a double room tent will certainly not be easy because it requires experience and also more than one person. Behind the large size of this double room tent is very suitable for those who camp in groups or with families.

4. backpacking tents. If you are on or on a long journey in nature, using a tent that is easy to set up and in accordance with a variety of weather is very important.

Backpacking tents can be the right choice because of their small size, light weight, and extreme durability. This type of tent is also made of high quality materials which of course will have an effect on the price.

In general, backpacking tents also have a simple appearance and are designed for one or two people. With its simple appearance and high quality material, backpacking tents are very suitable for various types of natural conditions that may be waiting for you.

5. Pop-up tent. Pop up tents are one type of tents that are still new and are gaining in popularity in recent years. This type of tent is designed using a kind of spring that contains the frame of the tent which then develops and forms a tent in just a few seconds.

Pop up tents also have a light weight, very easy, and fast when setting it up. It is suitable for you to use when participating in activities such as festivals with camping themes.

But this type of tent is not designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, so if you plan to use this type of tent for camping, it is a good idea to check the weather forecasts first and make a mature plan.

How to choose a tent for camping

Before deciding to buy a tent, know the following things for consideration so that you are not mistaken:

Pay attention to the capacity of the tent

The first thing you should pay attention to in buying tents is capacity. Because this capacity is related to the purpose of using tents. As if you are a person who likes camping with family then buying a tent with a large capacity is the best choice.

But if you are a traveler then choosing a tent with a capacity of one or two people is the best choice. Besides being easy to set up, small-capacity tents are also lightweight to carry, making them more practical.

Pay attention to windows or vents

Windows or vents are sometimes forgotten when someone buys a tent. The window is important, because with the window can make air in and can reduce the heat in the tent when the weather is hot.

Pay attention to the frame of the tent or polish

Some types of tents have many frames or poles that must be arranged. If you are someone who likes camping alone, choosing a tent with a framework or polish that will slightly ease the work, when you will set up a tent.

Choose the tent that suits the place where you will be camping

Choose a tent with materials that fit the camping site, because it is closely related to weather conditions. Because some tent-making materials are not waterproof and some are waterproof. Choosing a tent with good material can also be a long-term benefit for you.

Choose which is equipped with rainfly and footprint

Some types of tents are not made to withstand rainwater. Therefore you need rainfly in addition to making rainwater not enter the tent.

When setting up a tent, you will need this item. Because this footprint can help you coat the floor of the tent. So that when you sleep do not have a floor or dirty soil. Usually footprint is sold separately from the tent.

How to care for tents

When you have already purchased a tent, then you also need to know how to take care of the tent to stay durable and undamaged. Here are some ways you can apply to care for tents:

• Make sure the tent is dry after using it for camping activities. To dry you can do it by setting up the tent again when at home or if you do not have enough space you can hang it.

• After making sure the tent is completely dry, you can fold and store it. Make sure to store in a cool, dry place.

• Do not use the washing machine to clean the tent.

• When cleaning the tent, use a fine-textured sponge, not rough because it can damage the tent material.

• Avoid using detergent soap to clean the tent. Because the hot temperature of detergent soap can damage the quality of the ingredients. Just wipe using water and a sponge.

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