The Hidden Costs of Equestrian Sports

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If you are new to the equestrian world, you may not be aware of how expensive it can be. Even if you do not own a horse, expenses can add up quickly. Here are three hidden expenses of being an equestrian.


Riding clothes can be expensive, especially if you compete in various equestrian sports. If you buy new, high-quality clothes for different events, you can quickly break the bank. You can always look for gently used riding clothes to cut costs if you can’t afford to buy an entire new wardrobe.


While you may be able to borrow tack for riding lessons, you may be more comfortable with your own equipment. Saddles and bridles can be extremely expensive, and while you don’t need to most luxurious tack available, you should invest in quality equipment. High-quality tack can withstand more wear ad tear and will probably last longer if cared for properly. You should also invest in cleaning supplies so you can make sure your tack stays in good condition.

Competition Fees

If you plan to be a competitive rider, you should be prepared to pay fees for every entry. These fees add up quickly, especially if you plan on entering multiple competitions each month. You may find it beneficial to set aside some money each month to cover competition fees. If your budget for this expense, it won’t take you by surprise.

While many sports can be expensive, equestrian sports often come with hidden costs you may not be prepared for. Before you enter a competition, check these three hidden costs to make sure you can afford to enter. Once you understand how much each sport costs, you can make a decision about which one best fits your budget. Being prepared allows you to set aside money to cover these expenses so you can navigate the hidden costs of being an equestrian.

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