The Impact of Personalized Gift Giving

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 completed the task that they set out to do. They wanted the lives of Americans to change, to reduce our freedom, and cause fear and a sense of unease. In 2013 the Department of Homeland Security set out a requirement that will be phased into necessity across our nation. We will all need a passport to travel within the United States, or to enter federal establishments.

No longer is our driver’s license the only identification required. The Real ID Act began enforcement in February of 2018. The legislation was passed 12 years ago, but the phases were met with extension requests from most states. Those extensions are now expired for more than half of our nation. We must get a passport for identification.
Though this is another inconvenience and additional expense we must make the best of it. It’s the American way. We take a bad situation, come together, and find the good within. The one thing we are best at is celebrating.

We have holidays and celebrations for every occasion from a chocolate day, to doughnut day, and even a national nothing day. I kid you not, it’s a real holiday on January 16th. If you missed it, mark your calendar for next year.

On these unconventional celebrations and holidays, the best way to brighten someone’s day is with a gift specifically for them. A personalized gift can be the boost that someone needs, or for yourself. When we stand in long lines at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or get stuck with an awful passport photo. Yeah, now we must show it to people we will see again. Treat yourself or a friend to a personalized gift.

When choosing a message to place on a gift, make it a fantastic read, an inside joke, or an aspect about themselves that needs to be acknowledged. Whichever the choice, and whatever the gift, the impact will be significant. The recipient, even if it is yourself, will feel valued and esteemed which is the goal of every gift we give.

A personalized passport holder, ice cream bucket, or golf log could be just what we all need. A boost on a random day can go a long way. Better than a card, or friendly sentiment a personalized gift is something that serves as a reminder that though things aren’t always rosy, at least we are together. Someone was thinking of me and thought enough to give this gift.

A gift should be special and geared toward the recipient. Our brains are wired to perceive a gift as a reflection of ourselves and the value we hold in this world. A personalized gift is evidence that the giver took the time and extra effort to make it special.

When personalizing a message, make it more than a standard greeting or cliché. Moving away from the “World’s Greatest Dad” type messages is essential to the effect it has on the recipient. A study from the University of Texas puts this point into perspective. Advertisers have evolved their approach to the masses by offering consumers a customized experience. Sales have skyrocketed since this marketing change. Further proving the point that we all prefer a personalized experience.

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