Women’s Conceal Carry Clothing Options

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Women’s fashion can make concealing a firearm challenging. You may think that form-fitting clothing will reveal your weapon to anyone who looks at you, but with womens gun apparel, you can remain fashionable and keep your firearm concealed.


Conceal carry clothing does not require additional layers to hide your weapon. They act like regular clothes. However, they have hidden, built-in slits that allow you to secure your weapon in a belly, bra or other type of holster secured under the clothing. These clothes are stylish enough to wear every day. You can now get pants, leggings, sweaters and shirts with built-in hiding places.

Jackets for every occasion and season are also available. Whether you need a professional blazer or windbreaker, you can find the outerwear you need.


A bra holster allows you to strap your weapon in the middle of your bra. The muzzle rest under your right or left breast. Because it is inside your bra, your firearm is almost entirely covered, but larger breasts provide better cover. In addition, your weapon will not move, shift or slide down no matter how much you move around. Your gun is easily accessible whether your shirt buttons in the front or not. However, be sure to practice your draw to prevent accidental firing into your arm.

Conceal carry corsets are slimming and worn around the waist. These corsets have soft linings, so they don’t chafe your skin, and are perfect for small pistols worn on the left or right side of your stomach. The built-in holster pocket secures your weapon.

You can also purchase tank tops with built-in holsters. These holsters sit under your arms and are secured with a strap so the weapon doesn’t move or shift. You do have to wear an additional shirt or jacket over the tank top to conceal the weapon completely.

Off-Body Options

You may also conceal your weapon in a purse, briefcase or computer bag.

You no longer have to sacrifice fashion for concealment. With the increase in weapon sales, the concealment clothing options will continue to expand.

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